Talk and hear a lot

To learn a new language, but it is harder. It is important to remember the word and also to the study of grammar in the text. But I say that the most important thing in language learning, "and to talk in PvP." Conversation is very difficult in the state who can not speak very well. But every single day and continue on as well as exercise, I gradually become accustomed. The trick is to "continue every day."

In order to master the Thai transmitted properly, We do lessons focused on conversation anyway!

Please confidence.

「I hold a conversation worry do not hear English. . .」
 If you do not hear, it is supported by typing in English. To improve listening skills that even inaudible, keeps hearing focused. We firmly support the teacher if you can also select the elementary course
「Embarrassed to speak Thai...」
 The first is do not speak to anyone. Support teacher gently. Let's talk first assemble the Thai slowly over time. By repeating this many times
, to improve speaking skills.
「Do I need another money membership fee 1,900 THB a month?」
We do not get any text other than the cost of membership fees, such as a month.

「I worry about the operation, because it is not good at the computer...」
 To be able to attend the lesson properly, of our staff will be happy to support.

「Embarrassed to speak in camera」
 The teacher will use the camera basically, it does not matter do lessons in voice only.

「Thailand's infrastructure okay?」
 About the speed of Internet access, it is no problem to use the webcam.

Pakapon Kawase is representative TOL.
Everyone studying or working hard about Thai-language?
About Thai-language skill, you can learn it in a book, just listen to the CD listening, You do not quite improved. If there is no way I am anyway, only repeated conversations with many native Thailand.
Is it embarrassing to talk face-to-face with the teacher? Do not worry. In our national character bright Thais, We want to continue the lessons fun.
Anyway, please try to continue little by little every day. By continue to talk face-to-face with the Skype, of course, improve your Thai skill can also hone interpersonal communication skills.
Thailand will continue to play an important role in the growing Asian future. By master Thai, your world will spread rapidly.