Thai Online Language
Thai Online Language(TOL), we aim to Thai school can continue our fun.
In addition, you can also attend Thai lessons. Since the students in English lessons, you will be able to improve spoken English as well.

The knack of progress Thai, two.
(1) I speak Thai every day anyway.
(2) To continue without giving up

In order to achieve these goals, we invite you to provide a low-cost high-quality Thai lessons, thank you very much everybody.
Experiences students

70-year-old man
I speak from the face of the young teacher computer screen, first hearing is difficult, to understand I'm hard to talk to the teacher. However, I realize that It's a necessary condition for learning language if you think about what this environment.
I have considerable decline judgment because it is also memory skills Tenarai 70-year-old. I think it would have surprised my brain last night.
Cute teacher will help me a string of dead-end but Don't worry me.
I'll try to challenge the brain training for the time being in Thai Online Language.

Getting Started
TOL is a Thai language lessons online cheap - 63THB 25 minutes one-on-one.
Although Thai instructor, so everyone can speak English, support in English lessons.
Before you actually join, you can try a free trial lesson.
First of all, Register Free
Price plan
-Speak every day for 1,900THB per month
-Free enrollment

"Thai lessons cost money ..." that was the end of another era.
Also received a daily 25-minute lesson is 1,900THB for only one month. Take advantage of TOL, please force to improve the Thai.
About the teachers
Mainly in the active service of the university students and graduates Chiang Mai, Thailand No2, teachers of English TOL is adopted as a lecturer. We look for a teacher that I can be right for you.
To say that Thai students of English Department of the School of International Studies is in the center, so the native level of English proficiency, please do not worry.
Free Trial Lesson
-You can take free lessons and the same content that is actually done.
-There was a teacher to be worried about, please come try a free lesson.
-It will not cut corners or teacher in any way because it's free, please do not worry.
Please register from the "Register Free" below first. I can attend the lessons immediately after registration!